Kalos Labs Launches Web3 Bridge for Global Brands

Kalos provides a bridge to the web3 world for global brands of all stripes to activate new markets for content, products, and services

By Shari Glazer, Founder

I’m proud to unveil Kalos Labs to the world and the crypto universe. Our technology will be the tool many of the world’s largest and best-known brands will use to enter the web3. We have an exciting list of projects getting ready to launch with globally recognized brands and artists in the coming months. I look forward to leveraging my deep understanding of web3 to serve as a source of expertise and technology for global brands, and to ensure they have the customized platforms needed to access this growing ecosystem in an environmentally friendly and compliant way.

Global brands spanning the worlds of high fashion & luxury, world-renowned artists, musicians, museums, galleries, and others looking to enter the rapidly growing web3 ecosystem can use our robust blockchain agnostic offerings to incorporate the best of web3 into any experiential concept they can imagine. Our primary technology offering provides for the building and supporting of next-generation solutions such as custom NFT marketplaces and wallets, end-to-end NFT creative support, blockchain-enabled content-on-demand, metaverse development, community building, and long-term utility strategy. Furthermore, in alignment with our personal values, we will only look to arrange partnerships with the most environmentally friendly blockchains.

We have already executed high-value NFT sales on behalf of partners using our web3 bridge technology and plan to leverage our experience doing so to give future partners access to best-in-class inventory optimization and monetization solutions across a full suite of web3 capabilities. We will work closely with global brands to tailor all aspects of their entry into web3, from NFT offerings through to the metaverse presence, to achieve our partners’ goals. We pride ourselves on supporting the entire space by being blockchain agnostic and we plan to partner with a variety of trusted firms across the crypto ecosystem based on who best fits the needs of a given project.

To learn more about us and stay up to date on our exciting projects, please follow our medium, Twitter (@KalosLabs), and visit: https://www.kaloslabs.io



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